How to make mustard chicken skewers

The mustard chicken It is too simple to make, with few ingredients and perfect for those who are not very skilled in the kitchen. It should be noted that in this recipe we have innovated a bit to give our personal touch to the preparation of chicken. And we want to share it with you so that you love it as much as we do, so don't wait any longer and discover in this article How to make mustard chicken skewers.

2 people Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 300 grams of chicken breast in large cubes, about 3 centimeters side.
  • 5-6 sticks for skewers or skewers.
  • 2 tablespoons honey mustard
  • 1 teaspoon soy sauce
  • 1 teaspoon teriyaki sauce
  • Salt and pepper.
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This recipe is very simple. Chop the breasts, which should be boneless and skinless in large cubes. They are supposed to be big enough to go on sticks. Heat the oven to 175ºC while.


Remove the main ingredients from the marinade. I used these two sauces. If you do not have honey mustard you can use a common one and add some honey. Trying to see if it is slightly sweet and less acidic will be perfect.


Put in a container and add all the marinade ingredients on top. Mix well and leave at least 2 hours marinating in the fridge. I left it from last night and it looks much better. Take out the next day and also prepare the sticks that you will use to assemble the skewers. Assemble each skewer with about 6 pieces of chicken, as you see in the photo below. I only got 5, but if you cut the chicken into slightly smaller pieces or put less cubes on the sticks you will get 6, 3 for each person making this recipe for two. Do not throw what you get over the marinade.


Now put in the oven on a tray. This is the most important part of this preparation. Put in and leave 10-15 minutes cooking. Return the kitchen and take the remaining marinade and with a spoon or a kitchen brush put more marinade on top. This is extremely important, because it is best that the chicken never dry out when it is baked. If this happens it will also be dry inside and almost impossible to eat. Wet with more marinade every 10 minutes until it runs out or until they are about 40 minutes in the oven, turning the chicken each time so that the marinade arrives on both sides. For the size of the pieces will be well cooked with this time. In the end, if you want, let them brown a little, but at least you kept them wet the whole process. Then, it simply serves. Here I have them with mashed potatoes.

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