How to defrost fish


Although eating fresh and freshly bought fish is always an ideal and delicious alternative, many times we must choose to buy this food and freeze it until it is prepared to avoid damaging it, always guaranteeing its good condition and freshness. But when the time comes to carry out this process, many people ask themselves what is the right way to do it to preserve the properties of this food to the fullest, that's why we explain how to defrost fish correctly.

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the best way to defrost the fish It is allowing the food to acquire the temperature of the environment little by little, so this process must be planned in advance. Take the fish in the same container or bag where you frozen it and place it in your fridge, preferably in the area that receives less cold, and let it thaw for 12 to 24 hours. It is convenient to place the container on a plate to prevent defrosting water from wetting your fridge.


If you do not have space in your fridge it is also possible defrost the fish leaving it out, at a good point in your kitchen. Take into account that the area where you leave the fish should not be too hot or receive the sun directly. If you opt for this alternative you can defrost the fish between 6 and 12 hours before cooking.


Another way to speed up the process a bit defrost the fish It is placed in a container with cold water. Make sure that the container or freezer bag where the fish is located is very well sealed, then partially submerge it in a little cold water and change the water every so often. This alternative will help you to defrost fish quickly and effectively.


The microwave is another good ally to defrost the fish, but it requires a lot of attention to avoid that the food ends up cooking in certain parts, so it is recommended that:

  • Choose the defrosting program suitable for fish.
  • Take into account that the piece must fit in the microwave leaving enough space to rotate, this way it will defrost more evenly.
  • Watch the fish and turn it if necessary, in this way you favor a better distribution of heat.
  • If the piece is very large it is convenient to cut and defrost it in two batches
  • If you notice that the thinnest parts of the fish are starting to cook and the center is still frozen, it is best to remove the piece from the microwave and let it just thaw at room temperature.

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