Vegetables to eat raw


The vegetables and vegetables They are an essential food group in any balanced and healthy diet, since they represent a contribution of vitamins and minerals fundamental for the organism. When incorporating them into our feeding, There are numerous ways to prepare them: steamed, cooked, fried, battered ... Although raw is always how vegetables best maintain their properties and benefits. In this way, we want to explain What vegetables can be eaten raw.

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The pepper either red, green or yellow is a ideal vegetable to eat raw for example in salads, accompanying cod in skeleton or in any other recipe. This vegetable has numerous beneficial properties such as its high contribution in vitamin C.


Also, although they can also be cooked, carrots are also included in the list of raw vegetables and thus preserve all of its benefits, such as the contribution of beta-carotenes and antioxidants.


Although it is actually a fruit, tomato has traditionally been placed in the group of vegetables and can also be used as raw ingredient. Tomatoes are the most versatile so you can prepare them in a thousand and one ways, to take advantage of all its benefits for the body.


Onions can also be cooked or eat them raw So we recommend that - whenever possible - opt for the second option to preserve all beneficial properties. There are many varieties of onion, but all of them can be eaten raw.


Although some may not know it and have always prepared it boiled, cabbage is also a vegetable that can be eaten raw, either in salad, as an accompaniment to meats or in many other ways. However, it should be noted that Brussels sprouts should not be eaten raw because they can be indigestible.


It might also seem surprising but mushrooms can be eaten raw, after having been cleaned properly, and will be as tasty. If you don't believe it, we invite you to prepare a delicious mushroom carpaccio.


Continuing with the raw vegetables, we find spinach, a vegetable with a great contribution of antioxidants among many others of its benefits. Even so, it should not be abused when eating raw spinach, as they also contain oxalic acid.


This root is very common. eat it raw, for example in salads, and it is very nutritious. In addition, radishes represent a low caloric intake so it is great in slimming diets, as well as it works as a diuretic.


Known as tender onions, chives or in Catalonia "calçots", this vegetable similar to leeks can also be used raw. In this way, you can add it in salads and other entrees as is done with the onion, but it will have a milder taste.


Some will also be surprised, but broccoli is included among raw vegetables. Therefore, all the benefits of broccoli will be maintained, but it is not recommended to eat it like this to people with kidney problems.


Used as a condiment for countless recipes, the garlic can also be used raw and will retain its intense flavor, as well as its beneficial properties. For example, when preparing the famous allioli sauce, garlic must be raw.


It is important to note that there are some vegetables that are almost always eaten raw such as lettuce, escarole, endives or cucumber.

While we can also point out some vegetables that should not be eaten raw, as is the case with eggplant that can be toxic due to the alkaloids it contains; or for example the potatoes that are always cooked before eating them.

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