How to make scrambled eggs with ham

Do you like scrambled eggs? Well, we are going to give you a recipe with which you will surely suck your fingers because, in addition to using the egg as the main ingredient, we will add serrano ham or york ham to give a touch full of flavor to our plate. As you can see (and according to your criteria) you can accompany the dish with the ham you prefer but, yes, the result will be just as good and nutritious. Keep reading this article in which we discover you step by step how to make scrambled eggs with ham.

2 people 15 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • 200 gms of ham or york, as you like
  • 6 eggs
  • 1 tablespoon of butter or olive oil, as you like
  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Grated cheese (optional)
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The first step in making scrambled eggs with ham is to heat the oil or butter in the pan. You can choose the ingredient that you like, you just have to keep in mind that if you opt for butter the result will be somewhat sweeter than if you choose to make the recipe with olive oil. In fact, if you choose to prepare the dish with serrano ham in we advise you to better use oil to not cover the taste and enjoy, thus, to the maximum of its intense flavor.


As soon as we have the oil or hot butter (the latter must be completely melted before using it for cooking) we will add the ham. If you have it sliced, it is best to cut it into small pieces or, against it, that you have bought it into small squares (available in most supermarkets). Fry them for 1 minute trying to avoid burning because if they are very thin laminates it is possible that they will be fried very quickly and that if we do not watch they can get burned.


As soon as the ham is ready, we will have to add the eggs. The way to do it is very simple: break the eggshell and pour the contents directly into the pan. Remove immediately to break it and get pieces of it left. Do not stop mixing to prevent it from sticking to the pan, in the same way it is recommended that as soon as you lay the egg, lower the heat to get it to cook without burning.


Rectify salt and, if you want and like it, you can add a little pepper to give it a more intense flavor. Many people also sprinkle a little grated cheese to give a more tasty touch to the dish and to mix ingredients whose combination is exquisite. When you see that the egg is ready, remove from heat and serve immediately.


A very common way for people to take scrambled eggs with ham It is as if it were a toast. If you want to do so, you just have to toast a piece of bread, squirt it with oil and pour the scrambled egg on top of it. A perfect dish for both breakfast and lunch. Enjoy your meal!


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