How to make french fries

The French fries They are one of the most traditional and tasty accompaniments that we can prepare. We can say that French fries They are ... a delight and a pleasure to eat. It should be noted that for some they are heavy, because they are just fried, but if we eat occasionally we will not do anything, and more if we eat a healthy diet. So don't wait any longer and learn with this article the steps to follow about How to make french fries.

4 people Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Black potatoes (1 large per person)
  • Oil mix
  • Salt to taste
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Although many people choose to buy frozen potatoes already cut and ready, which only need to be fried, the truth is that they prepare some rich french fries It implies that they are natural, peel, cut and fry them ourselves.


We put the potatoes in the pool and take out the soil, it will be important that they are very clean.


We peel them, and cut them into large Julienne. If you are not going to prepare them at the moment, we recommend that you keep them submerged in cold water, so as to avoid blackening and acquire an unpleasant appearance.


Meanwhile, we put oil in a pan (approximately at the height of the potato julienne), we will be generous and not skimp. I usually put 1.5 centimeters of oil and then put the fire in medium / high.


We put the potatoes in the pan, and we are watching how he responds. You can spin them with a fork so that they are completely golden.


In a deep plate we put absorbent paper so that the oil is in the paper, and not in the potato.


That's all folks, to enjoy some good fries which will serve to accompany countless foods: meat, fish, etc. Surely the little ones in the house will love it ... and the older ones too!

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