How to store a cake

How delicious are the biscuits! The problem is that you have to eat them fast, before they are harder than a stone. So that our dessert Keep as fresh as the first day, we must keep the biscuits properly. Do you know how? If in doubt, do not miss our recommendations. In we explain how to store a cake.

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If you already know how to make a cake, the time has come to save dessert in the most suitable container and also in a special place in our kitchen.


For store a cake without drying out, in we recommend choosing a container that can be tightly closed and with a size suitable for our dessert. Ask in special shops in decoration and household items, where you will surely find all kinds of accessories for your kitchen. The quality of the container can help you to keep your dessert better for longer, although you can also opt for albal paper or aluminum, which is a classic in the kitchen.


Thinking of keeping your dessert in the fridge? Experts have their own opinion about it. The ideal is save the cake in some corner of your kitchen that is dry and at room temperature, as long as we plan to consume the cake in a few days. Otherwise, we will have to store the dessert in the fridge.


Although another good idea if you want your dessert to last longer, it can be save the cake in the freezer using a special freezer bag and extracting all the air for vacuum packaging. However, do not forget that it is advised to freeze biscuits that do not have a special filling or any glaze.


Another detail you should consider about the time of biscuit preservation, is the amount of fat it carries. In other words, the more fat, the more storage time.


Have we helped you with our tricks? Now it's your turn to participate and explain how to store a cake So it doesn't dry out.

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