What are the red meats

The red meat In recent times they have had a certain bad reputation, since they represent a greater contribution of Saturated fats for our body that white meat. Some nutritionists recommend not abusing them and not taking them more than two or three times a week, which does not mean that we should do without them completely in our diet. Red meats are, in fact, more rich in iron and in some vitamins, such as folic acid or vitamins B12, B1, B2 and B5. In, we review what are the red meats.

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It stands out for its intense flavor. The benefits of veal They are several. The first is that it is a very rich meat in protein. With only 100 grams of beef daily we could have almost half of the daily protein needs that our body needs. Veal also provides vitamins of group B and is rich in match, a very important mineral for intellectual development and for the formation of our bones.

Some recipes for you to prepare veal are stewed beef steaks, veal lattice or breaded veal scallops.

Pork Meat

Pork is possibly the one with the worst reputation of all red meat, although it is the most consumed meat in the world and also has beneficial benefits for our health. Some of its cuts, such as tenderloin or sirloin, have a low fat intake. In general, pork contributes monounsaturated fatty acids (like olive oil) or polyunsaturated (which protect the heart). Similarly, another of the benefits of pork is your contribution of Omega 3.

You can try to make baked pork ribs, roasted pork with pineapple or pork loin with fruits.

Bull meat

Bull meat is not easy to get everywhere and it is not a dish that has a general consensus. The bull differs from the ox in that the first is an adult male without castrating. Zinc, vitamins B6, B3 and B12, phosphorus, selenium and the iron are some of the benefits of bull meat.


The ox is the castrated bovine male. Its meat has always been considered of superior quality to that of the cow and is therefore more expensive. In fact, the world's most valued meat is that of a specific type of ox, the Kobe ox. Beef should have an intense red color, be compact and with fat intervened and, on the palate, have a strong flavor. It is rich in potassium, match, magnesium and vitamin B12.

Horse or foal meat

It is not very popular and it is not easy to see it in the butchers, although in some cities there are butchers specialized in it. According to some experts, horse meat, despite its bad reputation, has less fat and more iron and protein than other red meat. In addition its flavor is very pleasant.

Poultry: duck and goose

Although poultry, such as chicken, are considered White meat, two specific cases have traditionally been included in the list of red meat. They are the duck and the goose. These two meats have a strong and consistent flavor and are associated with French cuisine. The benefits of duck meat they are a contribution of essential amino acids, vitamins of group B or minerals such as iron, zinc or phosphorus. You can try to eat duck with these baked duck recipes with fruit.

Goat meat

Goat meat is very popular in some kitchens, such as in the kitchen of the Canary Islands, although it is not as widespread as with veal or pork. Compared to other red meats, goat meat provides iodine, sodium and magnesium, in addition to the vitamins of group B, zinc and proteins.


The lamb is much more popular in the kitchen than the goat and although they are similar they are not the same animal. A lamb is a young sheep (just like a ram is an adult male sheep). The lamb is part of many of the typical gastronomies of many European countries and the Mediterranean basin. You can prepare lamb in tayin or couscous, but also as lamb ribs with Christmas red wine sauce. The lamb has all benefits of red meat and it is also very rich in minerals.

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