The best way to cook and fry fish

Fish It is excellent in any way, but in some cases it can be more or less appetizing it all depends on whether it is battered, fried, boiled, baked, in rooms or grilled. Below we explain in a very simple way the best way to cook and fry the fish, in short how to cook a fish in the best possible way.

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Make fish fry

Clean and salty, taking it from the drainer, it passes through flour, it is well shaken from it and so that it is loose, it is put in a pan, where there will be smoking oil. It is browned on both sides, removed with a slotted spoon and passed to a fountain. It is served with lettuce or parsley leaves and lemon slices. It is a general custom fry thus an assortment of fish of different kinds, served in trays, placing them so that they preserve as much as possible their primitive form and adorning them with slices of lemon and lettuce. In several typical places they present it in wicker baskets, which is the common way of presenting it to fishermen. This fried assortment is called "Fish Fry.

Fry sliced ​​fish

It is fried the same way as whole, but cut into thick slices. It is not on purpose for the frying dish, although some kind of fish can also be used, such as monkfish, hake, etc ...

Make the battered fish

It is cut into slices, salted and placed on a drainer. In a deep plate beat two eggs with the egg whites until stiff, then mixing with the yolks. The slices are passed by flour, then by the egg and again by flour or chopped biscuit. From there, shaking it, to a pan with plenty of oil and smoking. Both sides are browned, drained with a slotted spoon and passed to a tray. They are served with lettuce and lemon slices.

Make the boiled fish

Put the water in the fire with a little salt, add a sprig of thyme and parsley. When it boils, the fish is thrown. Let it cook for five to fifteen minutes according to size, until the center is cooked, and white all its meat. It drains. It is served with slices of lemon and oil, both fried and boiled fish, depending on the occasion can be served with saucers containing fish sauces. Mayonnaise, "romesco", green and tartar vinaigrette, are the most common sauces.

Make baked fish

The most appropriate fish are: hake, sea bream, sea bream, etc. Whole and pointing deep slices, without cutting the spine, the slits are salted, placed on a baking sheet, on thin slices of potatoes that we will place in the bottom. It is sprinkled well with oil and some onion wedges are added. Let it bake regularly about ten minutes. The onion is removed to the mortar, sprinkled with the oil from the tray, a glass of white wine is poured and left again in the oven. Meanwhile, chopped the onion, parsley, adding a little flour and diluting it in another little water, or fish stock. cover with it, let it cook again and serve. If the fish is not very large and therefore not very thick, we will not put onions and it will be done in the same way, but regardless of the mince. It will be served as soon as the wine has been absorbed.

Make fish in sauce

After the fish is fried, the strained oil is passed to a clay pot. A dried lady is fried in it, passed to the mortar with three cloves of garlic and an onion wedge. It stings it by crushing everything well. A tablespoon of flour is diluted in the oil, the chopped and a good parsley hash are mixed and a quarter of a liter of water is poured. Beat well, let it boil, season the salt and season the fish in the sauce. Everything is cooked over low heat for ten minutes and served hot.

Make grilled fish

The fish is cut into thick slices, already clean and salty, left a few hours in the fridge. Half an hour before cooking, it is sprinkled with plenty of oil and a light sprinkling of white pepper. The grill is prepared very hot, also sprinkling it with oil. The fish is put on, having it five to ten minutes on each side, the side that is already cooked is sprayed again, and it turns from the other. Finally, we will say that it is interesting that the grill and the fish market are well oiled , because the great absorption of fire contracts and dries the fish meat. The secret of it coming out juicy is. A lot of fat on the grill, well seasoned meat and little or, better, just cooking time.

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  • The best water to boil fish is that of the sea. If possible, another should not be used, since the difference is always very noticeable.