How to make a low-calorie breakfast

All nutritionists say that the breakfast is the most important meal of the day However, we do not always take the most appropriate foods, especially if our intention is that this provides us with sufficient amounts of fiber, protein, lipids and vitamins, but that in turn it is a breakfast with few calories. Therefore, we explain how to make a low-calorie breakfast, so that you nourish yourself correctly and keep your diet balanced.

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Keys to a low-calorie breakfast

A breakfast should be the 25% of daily caloric intake. But to achieve this goal you must carefully select the foods that compose it. Thus, the key is that you forget about the industrial bakery, moderate the cereals and the cookies that contain too many additives and you are inclined to ingest their integral versions.

In the same way, experts recommend that you consider the food quantities that you eat at breakfast, because what is involved is not to prohibit the taking of certain substances, but to do it in a healthy way, in smaller amounts.

Ingredients of a healthy breakfast

All healthy breakfast must contain bread, fundamentally integral and of oven, given its component of fiber, mineral salts and vitamins. If you can accompany it with olive oil it will be much more effective.

You should also keep in mind an adequate amount of cereals and proteins at your breakfast You can turn cereals into an alternative to bread, accompanied by milk or yogurt. With regard to proteins, it is best to include a small portion in each breakfast. This can be turkey, boiled egg or ham.

In parallel, you should not forget the fruit. A piece or a natural juice will help you to ensure the necessary component of vitamins you need to spend the morning.

Examples of low-calorie breakfasts

You can start your low-calorie breakfast by taking a skim milk tea. It is good that you accompany this drink with a couple of Whole toast over which you expand a portion of fresh cheese or olive oil. Finally, eat a kiwi, orange juice or half a papaya.

Another suitable option to perform a low calorie breakfast It is to opt for a carrot juice, a natural yogurt or a dessert based on soybeans and, finally, a toast of whole wheat bread with cereals and nuts, accompanied by tomato or tuna.

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