How to make a margarita



The Daisy flower It is one of those considered classic cocktails. Very prepared at parties and banquets, which is always used as appetizer or cup. Although depending on the area, the time and personal preferences, you usually play a lot with the liquors to prepare it, we leave you the classic recipe to surprise your guests. we explain How to make a margarita

Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Tequila
  • Cointreau
  • Fresh lime or lemon juice
  • Ice
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Margarita is a cocktail for take very cold, this is how it should be served. For this it is advisable to have very cold glasses. Put in the fridge or freezer for a good while before serving so that your margarita cocktail is very fresh and appetizing.


To start, you have to beat all ingredients well, liquor, tiny chopped ice and lemon or lime juice. Beat well so that it mixes and the ice is as crushed as possible.


If you do not want to crush the ice, you prefer that it is cubed, it is better to use a not very large ice, that the cubes are small. Enter all ingredients in a shaker and stir all right.


Then, before serving, it is advised Prepare the cups with salt on the edges. Not only for aesthetics and better presentation for our drinks, but also because the drink has very strong liquors and salt counteracts acidity.


To do it as quickly as possible, moisten your glasses. Prepare a plate with salt and place the cup upside down on the salt. This will stay stuck on the edge and we will achieve the desired effect.


In these same glasses, fresh and provided with salt, we serve the cocktail previously prepared, ready to serve and enjoy it. You can accompany it with any nuts, olives, sweet ... Any nice snack that you want.

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  • Perform it with time to take the point and look good, to your point.
  • Serve very cold.