How to clean oysters


Oysters are one of the most desired seafood, their taste, smell and texture make them unique. But as important as keeping the oysters in perfect condition before eating is knowing how to clean them properly, as they can spoil this fabulous delicacy. Cleaning oysters is a delicate process and you have to do it calmly, with the right tools and especially with the technique that we explain below.

You will need to:
  • Oysters
  • Kitchen rag
  • Knife to open seafood
  • Kitchen knife
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For starting to clean the oysters you must remove the hairs that cover the entire shell by putting the oysters under a cold water tap, to preserve all the taste, and stretch the hairs to remove them.


Take the oyster with a dishcloth, you must take the oyster through the round area of ​​it, leaving the most angular area in the air.


Insert the special knife to open seafood, just insert it half a centimeter.


Pass the special knife through the entire opening of the oyster, you will have to take the oyster well because it will have to be strong since it will have to break the adhesions that keep the oyster closed.


Do a little leverage and you will see how the oyster is yielding, if it costs, leverage at another point to gradually open the oyster.


Once the oyster is open you can clean it and serve it comfortably, be careful not to turn it as all the oyster juices would fall.


With a normal kitchen knife cut the adhesion between the oyster meat and the shell, passing the knife under the oyster.


You almost have the oyster clean and ready to serve, you should only put the oyster on an ice base to keep it cold.

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  • To clean oysters do not use a normal knife, they are too thin and can be broken use a special knife to open seafood.
  • Clean the oyster with cold water and do not turn the oysters once opened because you would lose the juice.