How to make grilled quail eggs

The quail eggs They are a source of protein and one of the big differences they present with respect to chicken eggs is that they have less fat. They allow to be cooked in many ways: grilled, fried, cooked ... and as an appetizer with sobrasada they are great. Being so small, sometimes they are difficult to break, so take a knife with a fine tip that allows you to break the shell a little and thus be able to cook it. In this recipe we tell you how to make grilled quail eggs.

30 minutes Low difficulty Ingredients:
  • Quail eggs
  • Serrano ham sliced
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Oil
  • Toasted bread
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The first step to do grilled quail eggs is to remove the eggs from the refrigerator, if possible at least two hours before. If we put the eggs in the pan fresh out of the fridge, we will have more options for them to break. However, if they take room temperature, it will be easier for them to remain intact. Break an egg in a glass or cup with the help of a fine-pointed knife.


In a pan, we will pour a splash of oil and when it is hot, then we will carefully and slowly throw the egg that we have previously broken into the glass. We take a little bit of oil on the egg with the help of a spoon and when cooked, we remove it with a lollipop.


For do grilled quail eggs, we suggest you to take some toast of bread or if you prefer, toast some slices of bread and place on the bread a slice of serrano ham. On the ham, you can put the quail egg you just cooked.


Our recommendation is that you do not put salt in the egg because the ham already has a lot of flavor and if you add a little salt, the result may not be like you. What we do recommend is a special touch: take a little bit of Pepper in the egg and you will see which result is more appetizing.


To present the grilled quail eggs, take a large flat dish and place all the toasts on it, with the slices of ham and the grilled egg. You can also decorate the fountain with some straw potatoes in the center or add some ham taquitos. You will see how rich and tasty you have left!

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