How to keep tomatoes


The tomatoes They are a very precious food in any kitchen. With them we can make a multitude of dishes, sauces and side dishes, so that our meals are much tastier. Thus, keep tomatoes in an appropriate way, it can serve to prevent them from rotting, in addition to getting them to be used at any time, without the need for them to be fresh. In this way, for store and preserve tomatoes, whether ripe, green or past, there are various techniques. we explain how to keep tomatoes in an easy way, so that you preserve their quality and flavor and you can cook them at any time.

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Keep ripe tomatoes

Before preserving the tomatoes, look carefully to choose the best ones. It prevents them from having spots, damaged skin or yellowish areas and that their color be pink. To preserve the ripe and fresh tomatoes, whether purchased or grown, the best trick is to save them to room temperature, around 13 ° C (55 F). It is not advisable to refrigerate them, since they can lose their flavor and texture. Thus, to maximize the quality of ripe tomatoes, it is convenient consume them for 2 to 5 days after the purchase or cultivation, according to the type of tomato: cherry, bunches or ripe in plant, among others. To preserve them, prevents direct light from reaching them of the sun and place them with the stem up, so you will avoid softening. Tomatoes at temperatures above 20 degrees ripen very quickly.

Preserve green tomatoes

The green tomatoesIn addition to looking different from the mature ones, they are also preserved differently. To preserve its quality for a longer time, place the tomatoes with the stem down inside a cardboard box covered with newspaper. It is advisable to place the box in a cool place, although not refrigerated, until the tomatoes turn red and, therefore, ripen.

Another method to preserve this type of tomatoes is to place them, also with the stem down, inside a paper bag. If you want to accelerate its maturation, keep a ripe apple with them. Once the green tomatoes are completely red, you can keep them following the techniques of ripe tomatoes.

Keep past tomatoes

When the tomatoes have lost their maturity, it is time to keep them through the refrigerator. How to know if the tomato is past? It's simple. We will observe that its color is very red and that the texture of its flesh is softer than normal. Thus, in order to avoid the loss of its quality factors and its taste is greater, we can keep them in the fridge for about 3 or 5 days. It is convenient place them in a paper or plastic bag, with some openings, if you want to reduce water loss. Remember take the tomatoes out of the fridge at least one hour before cooking or eating it. In this way, you will help them to recover the room temperature and with it their flavor.

Keep raw tomatoes or ratatouille

If you want to do canned tomatoes, this is a good option. Peel the tomato, cut it into four pieces and place it in a jar. To package them in this way, try squeezing the tomato pieces to prevent air from being left inside the jar. Another way to preserve this type of tomatoes is make a ratatouille. You can add other vegetables to the can and store them in the same jar.

Keep dried tomatoes

Dry tomatoes It will help you keep them for months. In this way, you can use them to cook stews, stir-fry or salads. To dry the tomatoes, Cut them and add some salt. Then leave them Dry in the sun for 5 or 6 days. After this time, place the tomatoes on a rope and hang them on a dry and cool place. You can also place them in jars with olive oil.

Keep tomatoes: freezer

An easy way to preserve all the qualities of tomato is freeze it. In this way, the fresh flavor and all its nutrients will be preserved. This method will help you have a fresh food In those days when you need to cook something fast. Can you do soups and sauces or add fried tomato paste to your dishes, avoiding prefabricated sauces. Before freezing them, it is convenient that the peels or scalded previously. So you can keep them with all their flavor and without these losing properties.

Keep tomatoes: sauces and preserves

Making homemade preserves with tomatoes is very simple, and it is also a way to enjoy natural tomato flavor, without buying the sauces. Likewise, the homemade preserves It will last you more than a year, without losing the properties of the tomato.

You can also do jams or jams Either pack the fried or natural tomatoes. If you decide keep them naturally They must be very mature, and it is recommended that the peels before. If on the contrary, you prefer fry the tomato Try to cut them into pieces and bring them to a boil, so you will get them to eliminate liquids. Then, when you notice that they thicken, add oil, pepper and salt to the casserole - to taste - and leave them boil for 10 minutes plus. In both cases, you can pour the tomato in tightly closed jars and boil them at water bath for 20 more minutes.

With what you get about tomato, which you have not used to make canning, you can do tomato juice With the remaining broth. You just have to add salt and pepper to taste.

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  • So, in autumn and winter, you can keep the tomatoes out of the fridge without problems. Of course, the ideal way of conservation is putting them upside down and with a damp cloth on top.