How to cook prawns


The prawns They are one of the most versatile seafood used in the kitchen. A valued food that we can consume in rice, cream or starter in delicious preparations such as garlic prawns or shrimp cocktail. And without a doubt one of the simplest ways to consume them is cooked, a simple alternative that nevertheless has its technique. If you want to know how to cook shrimp Pay attention, because we explain it to you in detail.

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The first thing you should keep in mind to prepare a plate of prawns Delicious, is to choose a fresh and good quality product. The smell of the shrimp should be fresh as well as its appearance, the eyes should be black and the seafood should be stretched, as the typical curved appearance of the shrimp is obtained only after cooking.

The skin, regardless of whether it is white or gray, will always have to be shiny.

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Once you have chosen the ideal product, you can proceed to Cook the prawns. Choose a pot high enough and fill it with water calculating that the liquid should completely cover the prawns.


Add a good handful of sea salt or fat and bring the water to a boil over medium high heat. In parallel, prepare a bowl large enough to fit all the prawns, and fill it with cold water and ice.


When the water starts to boil add the prawns making sure that the liquid completely covers them, at this time the boil will stop. Wait until the water boils again and remove the prawns from the heat.

Strain the water and place the prawns in the bowl full of cold water and ice for 3 minutes, this process will stop the shrimp cooking and also make the meat separate from the skin and harden slightly, making it much easier of peeling

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Ready! following these simple steps you will get to cook prawns to perfection and in a few minutes. And if you want to know the best technique to remove the skin, then don't forget to read our article how to peel prawns.

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